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Website Development


We are happy to work with Okeros everytime for our web needs, Okyere and his team are a pleasure to work with right from the start. Edem Akoussanh, Ecosoft Systems Ltd


Having a strategic means of continually informing and offering your brand and service to your niche market is one of the most salient reasons for having a presence on the internet.

Your website is the first point of contact between your business and a prospective client;
it is therefore imperative that your web site leaves a “striking” first-time impression in the mind of the potential client.
At Okeros, Website Development is one of our core of services, and we have a proven track record of
creating great web experiences with our superior Web Design and Website Development processes in Ghana.

Why we do it?

  • Enable a website to function according to our client requirements.
  • Ensure a positive user experience by creating the right kind of interactivity on a web site.
  • Increase the SEO friendliness of each page on the website
  • Enable a website to retain the flexibility to be able to meet changing market conditions.

How we do it?

Website Development at Okeros is simple and straightforward:

  • Our web design team creates graphic design for your web project, which is revised according to feedback from you, until a final design has been reached.
  • Once you approve your site’s graphic design, our web developers will use the approved design to create a web ready version which normally incorporates most standard Web technologies such as HTML, Flash and JavaScript and utilize WordPress as a Content Management System.
  • The next phase involves the testing of key user-side elements such as functionality, navigation, content, and accessibility on multiple browsers.
  • Once these are out of the way, you are allowed to access the site from an anonymous location which provides a platform for you to give us real time feedback on how our development efforts are meeting your needs.