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Let every word prove their worth


It was a pleasure working with Okyere, every step of the way he provided strong sense of direction that made our web site matching online brand for our services. Tony Quaye, NDK Financial Services Ltd


During a discussion with close business friend of mine, she made a comment which got me thinking about what value we really take from the words we read. She noted that many of us spend more than four years learning how to stand out with fancy words and improving our vocabulary, only to throw away much of it as soon as we enter the business world. Then it dawned on me, the need to “dumb things down” for the masses.

While I certainly agree that much of the wording used in today’s articles becomes useless in the ‘real world’ – I don’t think that short, punchy copy equates to “dumbing things down”. In fact, good copy should be as light on word count (and word length) as it can, while still delivering the message. And believe me, it’s a lot easier to ramble then it is to get straight to the point. When drippy essay language gets ditched, so too should the idea that four syllables plus means you know what you are talking about.

Somebody once told me that no matter what you write, you should read it over and cut every single word that doesn’t need to be there. That’s not to say describing words have to go – I love a good adjective, and anyway, their sole purpose is to add meaning to a noun.

So the rule is, if it adds value it can stay.

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picture We are happy to work with Okeros everytime for our web needs, Okyere and his team are a pleasure to work with right from the start.

by: Edem Akoussanh, Director